After twenty years development, the group holds five industrial parks in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang etc. areas where the economy has been greatly developed, covering a total land area of 550 thousand square meters.
Registered capital is up to 6.5 hundred million CNY, the total capital up to couple billion CNY and the product categories more than 5000.
Company’s headquarters is located at Fengbang Industrial Park and under it there are several wholly owned subsidiaries and holding companies: Shanghai Liancheng Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Shanghai Liancheng Motor Co., Ltd. Shanghai Liancheng Valve Co., Ltd. Shanghai Liancheng Group Logistics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Liancheng Group General Equipment Installation Engineering, Shanghai Wolders Environment Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Ametek Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Dalian Chemical Pump CO., Ltd. and Shanghai Liancheng Group Suzhou Co., Ltd.

Group has been trying its best to make itelf a top fluid treatment enterprise in the world and follow such a concept as cherishing the harmony between human and nature forever.


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