The new generation of WBG type microcomputer frequency conversion direct-connected water supply equipment integrated design concept, small footprint, convenient installation and operation, short equipment installation cycle, replacement of new and old equipment, almost no influence on normal water supply. The equipment is suitable for outdoor use, with functions such as rain proof, dust proof, lightning proof, freeze proof, moisture proof, anti-theft and vandalism alarm. At the same time, the device Internet of Things is connected to the Liancheng Smart Cloud Platform, which can not only monitor the real-time operating parameters of the device, view historical data, early warning of the surrounding environment and area of the video surveillance device, and query intelligent door opening information, etc. It is very suitable for the renovation of pump houses in old communities or rural drinking water renovation projects.


01.Environmental conditions

1. Ambient temperature: -20~55℃;

2. Medium temperature: 4~70℃;

3. Power supply voltage: 380V (+5% -10%)

4. Flow rate: 4~200 m3/h

5. Pressure: 0~2.5MPa

02.Scope of application

This product is widely used in water supply pressurization of buildings and residential quarters, water supply renovation of old low-rise communities, water supply construction of towns and villages, etc.

03.Features of water supply equipment

1). Small investment, no need for secondary construction, embedded installation, no stagnant water generated in the equipment, and supply as needed to keep the water quality fresh and alive.

2) Adopting full frequency conversion control, equipped with high-efficiency Siemens dedicated frequency converter, built-in powerful application functions, and a collection of excellent high-performance vector control algorithms, which can control the pump in the best working condition with high efficiency and energy saving, with low power consumption and low operating cost.

3), IP65 outdoor protection level design, comprehensively improve the environmental adaptability, can adapt to various water supply environments; wide voltage design, adapt to the grid fluctuations of about ±20%, no need to worry about the unstable water supply of the equipment due to grid fluctuations.

4) The built-in integrated DC reactor and integrated EMC filter can effectively control the harmonic pollution of the power supply network by the frequency conversion equipment.

5) The equipment can reserve a variety of network communication interfaces according to customer requirements, with strong compatibility and seamless connection with customer monitoring data requirements. The standard configuration adopts a customized IoT communication module, which can realize smart cloud platform mobile APP and computer web management , Control equipment operating parameters anytime and anywhere.

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