With the advancement of city refined management, the realization of in-depth integration of informatization, industrialization and urbanization, and the government’s increasing emphasis on improving the happiness of the living and working environment of urban residents and working people, the in-depth application of smart cities will enter new developments At this stage, smart industry is the category of smart cities advocated by the country, and has formed a new generation of information integration technologies such as smart cities, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data. The advancement of product intelligence is the general trend of the development of the manufacturing industry. To promote the characteristic new products at the Liancheng Group Summit, and to occupy the market early, Liancheng Hebei Branch combined with the “Hebei Province Digital Economy Development Plan (2020-2025)”, and under the careful deployment of Deputy General Manager Shen Yanli, Three new product promotion and corporate strength exhibitions were held consecutively in September.

On the morning of September 7, the branch held the first technical exchange meeting at the Eleventh Design and Research Institute of Information Industry Electronics. Based on the characteristics of this design institute’s project, we formulated a technical exchange on the theme of smart pumping stations, focusing on Shanghai The Liancheng Group’s IoT product platform and the production scale of Liancheng Group’s enterprises have received a good response from technical answers after the meeting.


Group has been trying its best to make itelf a top fluid treatment enterprise in the world and follow such a concept as cherishing the harmony between human and nature forever.


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